Sunday, 7 December 2008

I be back.

Right. So I've decided to give this thing another crack. As Chris will tell you, unless something is in front of my face, I forget about it!

So I can't be assed talking about politics, I'll talk about me (!)

Christmas is on it's way which means presents. Of course I have a habit of buying things for me amidst it all. I've bought for the 'ladies' first of all, now that I have Mum, Joanne, Martine and Frances to buy for. I'm keeping it a cheap Christmas, about a tenner a head (before VAT reduction!) Except for Chris. I've got him a few things, but...well I don't want to spoil it all ;)

PS. Gordon Brown is still a git.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Conference Musings

Free nursery care for all 2 years 2018

Quick sound off

I'm sorry but this isn't even debatable on merit. It's just stupid. Utterly stupid. What government promises a scheme that won't deliver until today's two year olds are in high school? Who is he courting today? The 10 year old voters of tomorrow?

I can take bad goverenance, I can take boring governance. I can't afford to take stupid governance.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Conference Musings

So Gordon says 'I can do better'. But can he?

If someone is faced with a climbing wall, taking one tentative step up is better than staying on the ground. The problem from Gordon is he cannot be conceivably worse so any improvement is an improvement none the less. Just over a year ago, Gordon was being hailed as our LBJ, or as another Attlee. It was borderline embarrasing to be honest.

Gordon has not been a succesful PM. In fact it could be said he is struggling to be considered mediocre. Right now he has to prepare Labour for defeat, for the exit and he has to keep the party intact in order to make the job of opposition much, much easier. It took the Tories nearly 10 years to recover. It's damaging to democracy for any party to have to wait that long

Saturday, 20 September 2008

The obligaTory introduction

This is my first foray (or should that be forrage) into the world of blogging. The art of getting things off your chest only for no-one to actually read them. Which is pretty much what I tend to do anyway

I can be found around the interwebs - on ConHome, on PoliticalBetting and mostly on the Uselectionatlas forum. I have been a regular there for 5 years come November.

Phew. Thank goodness that's that bit done!

See you all tomorrow.